Smiling Acres Music Festival

Smiling Acres Music Festival

Check Out Smiling Acres Music Festival, July 2nd-4th 2021 in Trufant, MI

Mark Lavengood Band

Mark Lavengood is a walking, talking ray of sunshine. His resonant energy and sparkling smile light up every stage, every studio, every room, RV and embrace he enters. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Lavengood specializes in dobro & steel guitar, both of which he’s played for over a decade, while also being well-versed in guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, drums, and  a variety of percussion instruments.. At each stop along the way, whether on tour, in the studio, or passing you on the street, Mark’s positivity and genuine warmth is an immediate captivator. His selfless and gregarious nature has allowed him to collaborate, write and record with some hall-of-fame worthy talents. 

Due to his lovable nature, boundless optimism, warm embrace and cavernous-yet-soft-and-delicate blue eyes, Mark garnered the nickname “Huggy Bear” early in his career, and upon meeting, one understands why. There’s simply no denying that this is a very special soul.

Here’s what others have had to say about Mark Lavengood’s talents:

Guitar great, Billy Strings says, “Mark Lavengood is a great songwriter and a master on the dobro, I am honored to call him my friend.”